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Social Media Toolkit

Hi, I'm Fallon! Founder & Creative Director of Dekka Creative. I specialize in helping brands create a visual identity online.  I manage social media platforms for brands across North America and am here to help you take out the guess work & struggle of running your professional social media account.


The apps out there are endless and it can be confusing trying to find ones that are helpful &easy to use (believe me, I've tried them all!). These are the digital tools I use for all the accounts I manage professionally. The tools below are all mobile apps - with a fantastic free version - so you can run your account directly from your phone.

Happy posting!


I have found this is the best app for planning out your feed. UNUM makes it easy to visualize how a cohesive feed can look and they have a great free version to get you started.

Download here.



Elevate your stories with this easy to use story builder. I love that they save your story projects so that you can easily go in later toe dit or build onto them. Stick with 1 or 2 styles to be consistent.


Download here.

download-1 (1).png

Word Posts

Anytime you need a word post or story, use WordSwag to bring your text to life with typography. Simple to use and impactful with lots of typography choices.


Download here.


Photo Filters
A Color Story

Add filters, light effects and mood to your photos using A Color Story app. The free version (with about 12 filters) is enough to get you started, but their paid filter packs are pretty fantastic too!


Download here.



After you have planned your feed for the month - load your posts into Buffer to auto-post. Their free account lets you connect up to 3 social platforms and their support team is top notch.


Download here.


Advanced Photo Editing

For more advanced photo editing (ie.removing objects from photos) and more detailed effects, my go-to is Snapseed App. I love that I am able to do a lot of editing instantly on my phone.


Download here.



If you are using an Android device, you may have to search for the apps individually on the Google Play Store.

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