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Personal Branding Package

For solopreneurs that want an elevated and authentic personal brand. Your energy has the power to attract your dream clients and enhance how you’re seen in your industry. Create a memorable presence that aligns with your brand’s overall visual identity and messaging and demonstrates your competitive advantage.

Personal Branding Package

Investment starting at $2,500 (plus applicable taxes) - for Solopreneurs & Service Providers only

Each Personal Branding Package includes the following:

01. Discovery

Complete our Discovery form questions to help us gain clarity on your background, goals, aesthetic & audience.  After that, we'll schedule a Discovery Meeting to discuss your unique brand positioning, current struggles, and future goals  This research and discovery phase sets the foundation for the design work to come.

02. Social Media Presentation

Get clear brand direction & let your Instagram account speak for your brand. Vanity metrics do not always provide sustainability but a well-defined account can equal a significant impact when you lead with your brand.  Let's get your social media presence in place to create the most influence with your dream clients and convert clicks into follows.  You will be provided with any social media templates created.


03. Brand Presentation

A digital PDF document that details your unique brand elements. It includes your colour palette, typography, graphic elements, stock photography suggestions, and any other unique elements to your brand. See the full breadth of your brand's potential.

  • Colour Palette - A list of the colours used in your logo and complementary coordinating colours.  You will be provided with CMYK, RGB & hexidecimal codes so you can ensure matching & coordination across various platforms.  

  • Typography - Recommendations for brand fonts & descriptions of how to use them.  The purchase of brand fonts, if required, is in addition to the package cost.  

  • Graphic Elements - Usage rules for any graphic elements part of your brand.

  • Stock Photography - Stock photography suggestions that compliment & fit within your defined brand.

04. Add-Ons

A logo is not included in this package but can be added on for an additional fee.  Professional bio copywriting can also be added on.

pexels-miguel-á-padriñán-19670 copy.jpg

The Process


Fill out the following form here.


This helps us learn more about your business & see if we are a good fit to work together.  You will hear from Dekka Creative within 72 hours if you are accepted or not.


Once accepted, you will receive an invoice & contract to sign.  When retainer & contract are taken care of work will commence on your logo & visual identity.


The entire project will take about 2-4 weeks (with timely client approvals).  You will receive regular email communication from Dekka Creative regarding your project & if there are any follow-up questions. 


Once the project is finalized & final payment is made, you will receive the presentation PDFs and any social media templates by email.

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