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Make your personal feed an aesthetic expression of your personality & life.

Define your aesthetic. Create your personal Style Guide. Use Instagram as a creative expression to showcase your unique life and interests. 
  • Do you love engaging with the platform but find your own content falls short?

  • Does your Instagram feed look chaotic and all over the place?

  • Are you you still using Instagram filters on your photos (gasp!)?

  • Do you live an exciting, interesting life that is NOT reflected on your Instagram?

  • Do you find yourself posting selfies more often than not?

  • Have you ever scrolled through other feeds wishing yours looked better?

Does this sound like you?

Get my 20-page Style Guide Workbook for $39 CDN

You don't have to be an Influencer to want a better feed.  Your digital persona is part of life in the digital age and personal branding is here to stay. 


My personal Instagram feed operates like my digital scrapbook.  It's a love letter to myself & all the iterations I've been (entrepreneur, creative, wife, mother, traveller, etc).  I love looking back on the memories I've captured of our vacations, children, personal milestones & family moments.

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You don't need expensive photo-editing apps or a professional photographer to have a better Instagram feed.  You just need a curated approach.

What You'll Learn

Define Your Aesthetic

Prompts to help define your visual aesthetic and infuse your personality & unique attributes into your feed.

Take Better Photos

Simple photo tips I give every client that makes a big difference in the quality of their photos.  All photo tips are geared towards using a mobile device.

Plan Your Layout

My approach to planning & posting with examples on how to structure your feed so it always looks appealing.

Curate Your Content

Learn how to curate & organize your content so you can take better pictures when it's about something you want to post and be present when it matters most.

Enhance How You Edit

My top five editing tips & the one editing app I can't live without.  If you are still using the standard-issue Instagram filters you need to hear this.

Develop Your Own Style Guide

Develop your own unique, one-page Style Guide that you can start implementing immediately.  

What You Get
  • 20-page printable PDF workbook that walks you through my process for defining your personal brand.

  • At the end of the guided questions, you will develop your own one-page Style Guide document that details your personal brand for easy reference.

  • My top tips I give to all my clients relating to editing, layout, photography, captions and more.  These tried & true tips, when applied, will enhance your feed quality immediately.

Ready to have a better feed that showcases your unique life?

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What Our Clients Say

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Hi, I'm Fallon! Founder & Creative Director of Dekka Creative. I specialize in helping brands create a captivating visual identity online & manage social media platforms for brands across North America. I am here to help you apply my branding approach to your personal Instagram account to create a digital presence that embodies your unique aesthetic & personality.  


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