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Run your own social media like a pro.

Build Your Brand on Instagram

Hey, it’s Fallon - and I manage social media accounts for brands across Canada & the USA. I’m inviting you to take part in a unique opportunity ‘Build Your Brand on Instagram.’


This is a DONE WITH YOU program that gets you a social media expert without having to pay the monthly rate of a social media manager.

If you have ever thought about hiring a social media manager, but can’t justify the monthly expense, then this is the way to get: 



This program is created especially for SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS who need to create BRAND-DRIVEN content but who aren't full-time content creators.  I'll give you all my tips, tricks best practices for how I run big brand social media accounts along with your own personalized strategy for your brand.

Also, in case you are wondering, this is NOT a trends report, this is a strategy for building a solid foundation for your brand on Instagram.

  • Camera shy?

  • Can't get out of your own head?

  • Don't want to feel forced to learn silly dances to promote your business?

  • Can't commit to a consistent approach?

  • Have a full Drafts Reel folder that you can't bring yourself to pull the trigger on and post?

If this sounds like you, then this service is for you.

To keep the program intimate & valuable, space is limited.

This is a self-paced program that runs from February 6 - April 28, 2023.

Here's how it works:

Step 1 – get access to my Social Media for Business Workbook to hone in on your social media objectives, your ideal customer, and start the process of building your dream social media brand.


Step 2 - you and I have a 30-minute strategy meeting to go over your social media pain points, hang-ups and untapped opportunities.  After the meeting, you'll get my creative direction and a customized visual strategy document on how to approach your social media. 

Step 2 - you get access to ALL my resources, tools, processes, tips & tricks for running on-brand social media accounts.

Step 3 – you submit your posts & captions before the start of the month and I consult via Loom and provide guidance and support on your visuals, captions and over-arching brand strategy.  


Step 4 – you post your content over the course of a month.

Step 5 – we repeat steps 2, 3 & 4 for the next month - refining and strengthening your social media strategy.

Step 6 - you leave the program with clarity & confidence in your social media, with tools that allow you to continue growing, building & leveraging your brand.

Image by Andrei Lazarev

What You Get:

  • An expert one-on-one strategy consultation about your personalized branded strategy (30 minutes), $200 value

  • A personalized Social Media Style Guide prepared by Dekka Creative that you can use to build an amazing brand on social media, $1000 value

  • My consultation, direction and expertise on your social media posts over the course of 2 months, $1000 value

  • My B2B Social Media Workbook to help you expertly define your brand, find your dream customers & grow your business, $350 value.

  • My Social Media Toolkit that helps business owners get control of their social media process.  Includes details on all the editing, scheduling & layout apps I use and how they can save you tons of time, $100 value

  • The Resource Kit I use for all my big brand social media accounts (includes where to find the best free stock photos & videos and how to plan your own brand photoshoot, DIY social media audit), $350 value

  • My simplified 5-Minute Method for how to read your social analytics so know what’s working (and what’s not), $100 value

  • A group zoom session to ask any questions you may have as you start working on your own posts, $200 value

Total Value of $3,300.00


Investment of $1,600.00 (+ applicable taxes if paid in full)

(or monthly payment plans available at $550 month x 3 months)

+ applicable taxes

Wondering if this program is a good fit for you?
Let's do a quick check:

  • You are a business owner with a product or service to sell.

  • You have familiarity with social media, but lack confidence in knowing what to post - or need a strategy to feel REALLY GOOD about your page.

  • You have some time each month to dedicate to pre-planning your feed.

  • You are computer literate and can use basic editing programs & apps like Canva .

  • You want to feel proud of your social media presence & have it authentically market your business & offerings.

Does this sound like you? Then carry on...

Bet on Yourself & Invest in your Business:

There is so much noise about social media - so many people telling you what to do and how to do it. 


This is about finding your true north and helping your brand feel aligned, authentic and sustainable on social media. 


At this end of the 3 months, you will have a road map of the best way to show up for your audience.  If you are an established business, this service can help jump start your brand on Instagram & give you a clear strategy for growth. 

If you have ever wanted to hire a social media manager, you know their prices range from $500-$2000 per month.  Feel good about an investment where you are refining and growing your brand while being supported and given guidance to get clear on your social strategy.


In my experience working with small business owners, once they see the strategy and the overall vision in action, everything becomes easier and they are able to take the reins over proudly and confidently.

If you are ready to dive in and do the work to create an amazing brand that pays back to you in ROI, growth, time management & confidence then this program is for you. 


Limited spots available, please email to reserve your spot by January 27, 2023.  After that, the program will be closed until September 2023.

Questions? Please reach out to me by email or on Instagram.

What Our Clients Say


When it’s your own business it’s hard to separate and not get attached to things emotionally. After speaking with her, I felt excited again about my brand and business. I had a clear outlook of where I was going. She helped me cut off loose ends that were adding more stress then they were adding to my business. The knowledge and clarity I gained from our interaction was pure gold. Fallon has a way of pin-pointing what you need and providing you with a clear, drawn out plan for you to execute. 

Janelle M, Owner of Beauty House Salon

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