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About Dekka Creative

Refine, Revive, Redefine. Our process is intuitive & specific - transcendent strategies to elevate your brand. 

Inviting your essence to the brand,
our magic is visual storytelling & strategies.


Dekka Creative raises the bar in marketing, communications, social media & micro-branding. Specializing in creating note-worthy and identifiable brands, we have collaborated with start-up enterprises, small businesses, boutique brands and national organizations. From fashion to music, sport and lifestyle, luxury vehicles to hotels—Dekka offers a full-service marketing experience: web design, branding, social media content creation & curation, logo development & design, marketing consultation & strategy, and professional copywriting services. 

We transcend traditional marketing with our brain trust of creative collaborators. Dekka was born in the agency world and grew up in the wild west during the evolution and growth of the social media landscape. Utilizing design thinking tools and brand strategies, our solutions are always relevant, collaborative and bespoke. Our time is dedicated to the potentiality of your brand’s purpose. Known for developing cohesive and emotive feeds that connect with the user, we commit to comprehensive brand audits that get us to the heart of your why.

Our body of work is user-driven, experiential and always pushing forward. Let’s meet—we'd love to show and tell your brand story.

Want to know if our brands would be a fit?  Read more about our clients here.



Let us lead your team through a guided social media or branding workshop.  Workshops can be customized for your sneeds.  

Topics we teach:

  • Importance of Having a Personal Brand & How to Develop One

  • Brand Foundations - How to Create a Brand from your Business Values

  • Elevating How You Take & Edit Your Photos

  • Building Brand into Social Media

  • How to Best Use Instagram Tools & Features

  • Recommended Social Media Tools & Apps

  • Understanding Social Media Insights

  • How to Effectively use Instagram Reels

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